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Herald Sun: Fanta's a fizzer on sugar pledges

10 Apr 2024
Coca-Cola has quietly increased Fanta's sugar content by 60 per cent just a few years after reducing it during the fierce sugar tax debate. Our Executive Manager, Jane Martin, spoke with the Herald Sun to discuss.

ABC Radio National: How much added sugar is in toddler foods and milk drinks?

16 Mar 2024
Jane Martin joins ABC's Health Report to discuss public health concerns about how ready-made toddler foods are made and marketed in Australia.

ABC News: Research finds shrinkflation affecting several Australian cereals amid cost-of-living crisis

11 Mar 2024
Executive Manager, Jane Martin, spoke with ABC's Iskhandar Razak about recent comments by a Kellogg's executive, urging families struggling with the cost of living to consider cereal for dinner.

7NEWS: New data shows more two thirds of adults are now overweight

4 Mar 2024
Executive Manager, Jane Martin, discusses the implications of not addressing Australia's obesity crisis on World Obesity Day.

ABC Radio Sydney Drive: Junk food reform is a no-brainer

12 Feb 2024
Executive Manager, Jane Martin joins Richard Glover on Drive to discuss support for law reform to protect children from unhealthy food marketing.

The Australian: Sugar tax hit ‘would help to curtail the national obesity crisis’

5 Feb 2024
Food for Health Alliance, the Australian Medical Association, Cancer Council, Australian Dental Association and Heart Foundation have united to call for a 20 per cent health levy on sugary drink manufacturers, with new research showing it could reduce Australians’ annual sugar intake by 2.6 kilograms per person and raise up to a billion each year for crucial obesity prevention and other health initiatives.

ABC Conversation Hour: Combating false nutrition claims in toddler food

4 Dec 2023
Jane Martin, Dr Alexandra Chung and Dr Sandro Demaio join ABC Conversation Hour hosts to talk about nutrition content and marketing claims around baby and toddler foods.

Canberra Times: Experts sweet on labelling crackdown on sugar claims

4 Dec 2023
A shake-up in food labelling means high-sugar foods, including some baby and toddler foods and fruit juices, will no longer be able to carry "no added sugar" claims on their packaging.

7News: New research uncovers the truth about baby food health claims

16 Oct 2023
7News coverage on new research lifting the lid on the unhealthy truth about packaged baby food.

Herald Sun: Smashed avo trumps supermarket baby food

16 Oct 2023
Research by the Food for Health Alliance has highlighted many food products marketed for children under the age of three have a “healthy halo” to make them look better than they are.
Jelly beans

The Age: How vape shops lure children with lollies, toys and neon lights

23 Sep 2023
Toys & unhealthy sweets or sugary drinks should not be used to entice kids into shops selling harmful vaping products. Jane Martin says it’s ‘unethical’ and ‘co-location of lollies and toys with other harmful products creates a new normal for young people that they haven’t been exposed to before.
Jane Martin on ABC TV

ABC TV: Jane Martin comments on study linking soft drinks and teen obesity

25 Jul 2023
Jane Martin comments on introducing a sugary drink health levy after Monash University-led research suggests an Australian tax on sugary drinks could prevent more than half a million dental cavities, and increase health equity, over the next decade.

Croakey: How new WHO guidelines can protect children from unhealthy food and drink marketing

5 Jul 2023
New guidelines from the World Health Organization add to pressure on the Australian Government to crackdown on the marketing of unhealthy foods to children,

Herald Sun: Push for junk food marketing ban to protect kids

22 Jun 2023
Aussies overwhelmingly want fast food companies to be prevented from creating games and mobile apps to appeal specifically to children, research has found.

AdNews: A private member's bill to restrict food and drink advertising

19 Jun 2023
Lobby group the Food for Health Alliance has welcomed a federal private member’s bill that would restrict unhealthy food and drink advertising during set times on TV and radio, and at all times online.
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