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Australia must improve how our food is made, labelled & marketed: Food for Health Alliance welcomes Diabetes Inquiry calls

4 Jul 2024
Food for Health Alliance has welcomed the Federal Parliamentary Inquiry into Diabetes’ recommendations for the Australian Government to protect children from junk food marketing, introduce a tiered levy on sugary drinks to fast-track reformulation, and implement food labelling reforms that target added sugar.
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New data shows supermarkets pushing unhealthy foods onto Australians

13 Jun 2024
Supermarkets are using product placement and price promotions to lure Australians into buying more unhealthy foods than they intend to, with shocking new Cancer Council Victoria research showing the marketing tactics are working.
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New research shows kids are targeted with alcohol, gambling and junk food ads online

4 Jun 2024
A new pilot study analysing screen recordings from young people’s online activity has found that companies are targeting them with ads for harmful products including alcohol, gambling and junk food.
Trays of red, orange and green vegetables

Data shows Aussies cutting back veggies not unhealthy snacks

12 Apr 2024
Executive Manager, Jane Martin, comments on Australian Bureau of Statistics data published today showing Australians are cutting back on vegetables and fruit but snack foods continue to fill supermarket trolleys.
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World Obesity Day: Public health groups slam lack of action on tackling Australia’s growing obesity crisis

4 Mar 2024
This World Obesity Day, Food for Health Alliance has singled out government inaction on tackling Australia’s growing obesity crisis, with little progress made since the National Obesity Strategy was launched in 2022.
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New study finds junk food and sugary drink consumption linked to increased health risks

29 Feb 2024
Jane Martin comments on a new study which finds junk food and sugary drink consumption linked to over 30 damaging health outcomes.
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Strong support to stop harmful food and drink marketing targeting kids: new data

12 Feb 2024
Most Australians want action to protect children from unhealthy food and sugary drink marketing on TV, online and social media, new data reveals.
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Shocking diet data sparks public health call for urgent government action

15 Dec 2023
Poor diets among children have increased according to ABS National Health Survey 2022 data.

Public health praise moves to curb food industry’s misleading ‘no added sugar’ claims

4 Dec 2023
FHA supports changes to the Food Standards Code that would see high sugar foods unable to carry ‘no added sugar’ claims on packaging.
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Excessive marketing claims on baby and toddler foods hide unhealthy truth

16 Oct 2023
Alarming new research reveals ready-made baby and toddler foods can carry up to 20 marketing claims that trick consumers into believing these products are wholesome for little ones, when often they are not. On average, 8 claims were found on packaged foods for our youngest consumers.

Quit and Food for Health Alliance support call for urgent parliamentary inquiry into harmful industries

4 Oct 2023
Quit and Food for Health Alliance today endorse calls for an urgent parliamentary inquiry into the impact of harmful industries, led by Dr Sophie Scamps MP. Ubiquitous vaping and junk food advertising targets children online, in retail stores and in outdoor spaces daily.
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Privacy reforms highlight need to protect children from harmful product marketing

29 Sep 2023
Joint media release from the Foundation for Alcohol Research, the Alliance for Gambling Reform and Food for Health Alliance in support of the Government's acknowledgement that children's privacy needs to be better protected online.

Call for urgent reforms as type 2 diabetes and obesity climb

28 Sep 2023
Food for Health Alliance is calling for a package of reforms to avert Australia's escalating health crisis, as prevalence of obesity and type 2 diabetes continue to climb.

3 in 4 Australians support a blanket ban on targeting kids online with unhealthy food marketing: New study

22 Jun 2023
Three in 4 adults support a blanket ban on targeting kids online with unhealthy food and drink marketing. The majority do not believe that unhealthy food and drink companies should be permitted to collect children’s personal information for marketing purposes.

Food for Health Alliance welcomes Federal MP’s bill to tackle children’s exposure to unhealthy food marketing

19 Jun 2023
Food for Health Alliance has welcomed a new Private Member’s Bill that would restrict unhealthy food and drink advertising during set times on TV and radio, and at all times online.
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