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Food for Health Alliance makes submissions to the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments in Australia on issues related to food policy. We make submissions to Food Standards Australia New Zealand on changes to the Food Standards Code, to parliamentary inquiries and to government departments who are consulting on policy and regulatory change. We also make submissions to international consultations where appropriate. These processes help shape and inform the development of effective food policy.


Inquiry into Food Security in Australia

1 Dec 2022
Food for Health Alliance acknowledges the impact of food insecurity on many Australians, and the importance of developing policy and regulatory solutions to address it.

As there are links between food insecurity and poor diet, overweight and obesity, many policy and regulatory reforms can simultaneously improve food security, improve diets and reduce overweight and obesity. These include changes within the food system and broader reforms that address wider determinants of health. Read our submission on the inquiry into food security in Australia. Read our submission

ACCC Digital Platform Services Inquiry: social media services

1 Oct 2022
Children should be able to be online and use social media without being exposed to marketing that is harmful to their health, including marketing of unhealthy food. Read Food for Health Alliance’s response to ACCC’s consideration of this issue as part of its inquiry into social media services. Read more

Call for Ideas campaign: 2026 Victorian Commonwealth Games

1 Aug 2022
Food for Health Alliance recommends that the Victorian Government adopt a healthy sponsorship and marketing policy for the 2026 Victorian Commonwealth Games. We also recommend a policy to ensure the availability of healthy food in venues at the Games and to minimise the availability of unhealthy food. Read more

Food Regulation Strategic Direction

1 Aug 2022
Read Food for Health Alliance's responses to questions posed about the strategic direction of food regulation in Australia. Read more

FSANZ: alcohol energy labelling and sugar and carbohydrate claims

1 Aug 2022
Read Food for Health Alliance’s positions on alcohol energy labelling and sugar and carbohydrate claims. Read more

WHO draft guideline on non-sugar sweeteners

1 Aug 2022
Food for Health Alliance welcomed the World Health Organization’s draft guideline on the use of non-sugar sweeteners and the important role of the WHO in supporting and guiding policy in efforts to reduce sugars intake and promote healthy diets. Read more

Protections within the Victorian Planning Framework

1 Jan 2022
Read about Food for Health Alliance’s position that the planning system be updated to incorporate public health, to protect and improve the health and wellbeing of Victorians and align the planning system to the Victorian Government’s public health goals. Read more
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