Improving food labelling


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Food labels should give every Australian the information they need to make informed choices in line with the Australian Dietary Guidelines and should not be misleading or confusing.

Mandatory Added Sugar Labelling

Food for Health Alliance, along with leading public health and consumer organisations across Australia and New Zealand, strongly supports the introduction of mandatory added sugar labelling on packaged foods and drinks.

There is a growing scientific and community concern around the impact of added sugar on health. With 72% of school age children and 47% of adults in Australia exceeding the recommended amount of sugar in their diet, it is important that consumers have access to accurate information about how much added sugar is in the food they buy.

Australians want this information. Recent research shows that 80% of Australian adults agree that added sugar labelling should be included on food products.

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Protecting children from unhealthy food marketing

Improving baby and toddler foods

Health Star Rating System

The Health Star Rating System (HSRS) is a voluntary, interpretative, front-of-pack labelling (FoPL) system which rates the healthiness of products across categories using a 5-star scale and aims to encourage consumers to make healthier food choices.

The HSRS was introduced in July 2014 as a voluntary scheme. In 2019 the Health Star Rating Advisory Committee completed the five-year review of the HSRS. Read the report.

Food for Health Alliance is calling for the HSRS to be mandated across all packaged foods so that consumers can easily compare products in each category. The HSRS also needs to be improved to more accurately penalise nutrients that consumers should be avoiding or limiting in their diets.


Public health praise moves to curb food industry’s misleading ‘no added sugar’ claims

FHA supports changes to the Food Standards Code that would see high sugar foods unable to carry ‘no added sugar’ claims on packaging.

FSANZ consultation on energy labelling on alcoholic beverages

Food for Health Alliance supports energy labelling on alcoholic beverages as it will provide consumers with information about the energy content of alcohol products and enable consumers to consider the contribution that alcohol makes to energy in their diet. Read more

Exploring the effects of added sugar labels on food purchasing behaviour in Australian parents

The objective of this study was to determine the impact of added sugar labels on intended purchases of high sugar breakfast cereals, yoghurt, and non-alcoholic beverages. Read more

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Protecting children from unhealthy food marketing 

Learn about protecting children from the processed food industry’s unhealthy food marketing.

Improving baby & toddler foods

Learn about improving the composition, labelling and promotion of ready-made foods for babies and toddlers to support good health.

Improving food labelling

Labelling of packaged foods should provide accurate information that enables consumers to make choices in line with dietary guidelines. Learn about our work to improve food labelling.

Pricing measures for healthier diets

Pricing measures can promote healthier diets through encouraging reformulation by industry and by influencing the purchase and consumption of food and drinks.

National & international strategies

Learn about the frameworks and strategies that play an important role in changing the food environment to better support healthier diets.