Baby and toddler foods are not what they seem (InTouch)

17 Jun 2024
by Jane Martin and Andrea Schmidtke
"The first three years are the most critical for a child’s development and nutrition. So why are we letting the processed food industry make unhealthy products for babies and toddlers and market them as healthy?" writes Food for Health Alliance's Jane Martin and Andrea Schmidtke

Call to action on Australia's National Obesity Strategy, this World Obesity Day

6 Mar 2023
by Jane Martin, Executive Manager, Obesity Policy Coalition
This World Obesity Day, the Obesity Policy Coalition is calling out the lack of progress on Australia’s National Obesity Strategy, a year on from its launch. This roadmap was released by the previous federal government but to date, it’s a half-built road, sadly lacking drivers.

Thumbs down for new food advertising code that fails to protect Australian children (Croakey)

17 Aug 2022
by Jane Martin
Last November, the Australian Association of National Advertisers announced new rules to reduce advertising of unhealthy food and drinks to children under 15 including on TV. But a recent complaint lodged by the Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC) to Ad Standards revealed that the new Food and Beverages Code deserves an F for fail. OPC is calling for the Federal, State and Territory governments to set higher standards to protect children from the processed food industry's unhealthy food marketing.

Implementing the National Obesity Strategy: no time to waste (MJA InSight+)

14 Mar 2022
by Jane Martin
Last week, on World Obesity Day, the long-awaited National Obesity Strategy was launched by the Morrison government, lauded as an Australian first. The Health Minister acknowledged it had an ambitious aim: to halt the rise, and reverse the trend in the prevalence of obesity in adults, and to reduce overweight and obesity in children and adolescents by at least 5% by 2030.

Where is the National Obesity Strategy?

19 Aug 2021
by Jane Martin
Obesity is an urgent public health issue, set to overtake tobacco as the leading risk factor contributing to disease burden in Australia. Despite this, the promised National Obesity Strategy 'agreed to by all governments in 2018' is yet to be delivered.

Let's untangle the murky politics around kids and food (and ditch the guilt) (The Conversation)

9 Jan 2019
by Jane Martin
Naturally, parents want the best for their children. While they shouldn’t chastise themselves for offering the occasional treat, what used to be an “occasional” treat is becoming something that’s “every day”, or “several times a day”.

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