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Food for Health Alliance makes submissions to the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments in Australia on issues related to food policy. We make submissions to Food Standards Australia New Zealand on changes to the Food Standards Code, to parliamentary inquiries and to government departments who are consulting on policy and regulatory change. We also make submissions to international consultations where appropriate. These processes help shape and inform the development of effective food policy.


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Inquiry into Diabetes 2023

31 Aug 2023
Food for Health Alliance's submission for the Inquiry into Diabetes recommends implementing a package of reforms to prevent obesity, improve diets and reduce risks for chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes. Key priority reforms put forward include implementing a 20% health levy on sugary drink manufacturers; comprehensive government regulation to protect children from unhealthy food marketing; and mandating and strengthening the Health Star Rating system across all packaged foods. Read more
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National Climate and Health Strategy Consultation

26 Jul 2023
All aspects of climate change are interlinked with human health and reducing the health risks from climate change requires working across all sectors and levels of government. Read our submission to the National Climate and Health Strategy Consultation where we recommend that the Strategy is directed towards reducing the current risks to population health from climate change, and to maximise the health co-benefits of carefully designed climate mitigation and adaptation actions. Read more
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Australian Government Early Years Strategy

3 May 2023
Food for Health Alliance submission on the Commonwealth Governments Early Years Strategy highlights the need for this strategy to include nutrition as a key part of the vision and outcomes for the early years. Read more

Privacy Act Review Report Submission

1 Apr 2023
The Privacy Act has an important role to play in protecting children online. Food for Health Alliance strongly supports a strengthened Privacy Act to better protect children from harmful data practices, including the collection, use and disclosure of their information to market harmful industries such as unhealthy food, alcohol and gambling. Read more

FSANZ consultation on energy labelling on alcoholic beverages

1 Mar 2023
Food for Health Alliance supports energy labelling on alcoholic beverages as it will provide consumers with information about the energy content of alcohol products and enable consumers to consider the contribution that alcohol makes to energy in their diet. Read more

ACCC’s digital platforms regulatory reform recommendations

1 Feb 2023
Read Food for Health Alliance’s position on the ACCC’s recommendations for digital platform regulatory reform, and how these can support the government to better protect children from unhealthy food marketing. Read more

CSIRO consultation: transforming Australian food systems

1 Feb 2023
Food for Health Alliance strongly supports the development of a guide for the transformation of Australia’s food systems, to reach a more healthy, equitable and sustainable future. Read our response to the CSIRO’s discussion paper

Senate Committee on Economics inquiry into influence of international digital platforms

1 Feb 2023
Food for Health Alliance advocates for broad government regulation to ensure children are fully protected from digital marketing of unhealthy food, including on social media. The Australian Government has an important role to play in protecting and creating an environment that restricts commercial exploitation of children and enables children to participate as digital citizens, while having their best interests protected when online. Read our submission

WHO consultation on draft guideline on fiscal policies to promote healthy diets

1 Feb 2023
Fiscal policies, like a levy on sugar sweetened beverages, can influence purchasing behaviour and as part of a comprehensive set of measures to improve diets and reduce overweight and obesity in Australia. Read our submission on the World Health Organizations draft guideline for fiscal policies to promote healthy diets. Read our submission

Measuring What Matters Framework

1 Jan 2023
Food for Health Alliance strongly supports the development of a wellbeing framework by the Commonwealth Government to measure key indicators that reflect the wellbeing of the Australian population, and of groups within the population. Read more
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